JHc Anshilin PREMIUM


Ingredients: Ousseline (goose carnosine), fermented malt extract, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, chitosan.

Capacity: 120 capsules

Place of origin: Made in Japan

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JHc Oushilin PREMIUM uses the latest Japanese technology to take the lead in extracting and mass-producing high-purity ouslin from tuna and bonito in Japan, and has obtained relevant patents. (Patent No. 4612549, No. 5512995)



Directions: It is recommended to take 4 capsules per day



JHc Oustrin PREMIUMM has been shown to be effective in inhibiting the rise of uric acid through clinical medical practice. The main ingredient of JHc Premium is an oustine extract. Scientists have found that tuna, bonito and other fish have the characteristics of long-term high-speed movement and no tiredness. In-depth research has found that their muscles are rich in sol dipeptide amino acid combinations, that is, oustine. This ingredient can effectively inhibit the rise in uric acid value. A unique treasure of the ocean!


Product Efficacy:

  • Or help improve hyperuricemia
  • Inhibits the rise of uric acid value
  • Promotes the elimination of purines from the body
  • Inhibits the production of purines in the body



Suitable for people :

  • He loves hot pot and often drinks wine to socialize
  • Loves meat, offal, seafood
  • Patients with a normal uric acid value in the normal range of 327-416 umol/l or 5.5-7 mg/dl in patients with a uric acid value of 327-416 umol/l


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